Installation & Download - FAQ

You can download Image Uploader and Browser for CKEditor on the CKEditor addons site:

First extract the downloaded file into the CKEditor’s plugins folder. Then enable the plugin by changing or adding the extraPlugins line in your configuration (config.js):

Defining Configuration In-Page

CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', {
  extraPlugins: 'imageuploader'

Using the config.js File

 CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
  config.extraPlugins = 'imageuploader';

Don't forget to set CHMOD writable permission (0777) to the imageuploader folder on your server.

To change the path to the browser you need to do some code changes. Please open plugin.js and change the value of filebrowserBrowseUrl. The value should contain the correct path.

Open the Image Browser and click . To change the extension setting toggle Show/Hide file extension.

There is currently no way to change the password or username in the plugin settings.

To change the password/username open pluginconfig.php and search for the variables $username & $password. Now you can simply update the values of these variables.

Set the new password like this: $password = md5('myNewPassword');

To disable the password protection you need to do some code changes. Open imgbrowser.php and simply replace

if ($username == "" and $password == "") {
    include(__DIR__ . '/new.php');
} else {
    include(__DIR__ . '/loginindex.php');


$_SESSION["username"] = "disabled_pw";

There is currently no possibility to hide the "new update available" notification. We are considering to add a new option to do so in one of the future updates.

To show or hide the settings button open pluginconfig.php and modify the value of $show_settings

Update: Version 4.1.9 (Released on 27.02.2017) fixes the blank thumbnails issue. If you are still facing problems, please create a support ticket!

Original article:

We are aware of this bug and it will be fixed in one of the next updates.

To avoid this issue until the next update is available:

  • Disable HTTPS on your server. The thumbnail images should turn up again.
  • If you cannot disable HTTPS, create a support ticket. You'll get a modified version that temporary fixes the "blank thumbnails" issue.


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